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»Type Of Sites You Can Advertise With Us

•You can advertise any type of wap/web sites with us like download portal, blog, forum, chatting site, wapmaster site, etc.

•Including Adult Sites, Toplist Sites, Hosting Sites, etc.

»Position Of Ads
This Will be ads in all pages include homepage (Top &Bottom Content) of FulloadedNg.

»Text Ads


Text ads (max 50 characters)
System permanent advertisement display both on pc and mobile.
Cost:(2500 naria) per day, (10,000 naira) per week, and (20,000 naira) per month.

»Read This Before Advert

•How to pay and start the ads? you can send the cash or transfer online to our details, our details will be provided below, once you make payment kindly reply us with reference number/sign to start your advertisement on the next day.
•Advertisement will be placed as immediate as possible after payment received/done.•Number of clicks for any advertisements may depend on ad text used, in case anyone receive less number of clicks we are not responsible for that in any case.

•In any case if you wish to get your money back, after payment, money will be refund.
•Admin have rights to terminate deal at any time for any reason.

»For Inquiries/Questions


•If You Are Intrested To Advertise Or Have Any Enquiry/QuestionsContact Us.

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