Sunday, August 18, 2019
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Baby showers are invitations to witches – Ghanaian counsellor educates women

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A popular Ghanaian relationship counsellor identified as Charlotte Oduro, has advised women that baby showers are invitations to witches. She decried the adoption of foreign traditions which involved baby showers that according to her should not be part of our culture. She advised women to stop putting Christ aside and imbibe the good attributes that the gospel was about. She made this known in an interview on Asempa FM, saying:

“When ladies marry these days they do not think about prayer. They think about the bridesmaids they will get, the best men they will get and later the baby shower…I don’t know where that thing is coming from. Now we are picking the foreign things and we inviting witches around”, she said. “We are putting Christ aside and we are living our lives that is why we are seeing what we are seeing because we think God doesn’t exist again. We think we have our right to do what we are doing…my dear before you came to this world God was already there”,
she added.

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