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JAMB 2019 Original Result Slip Printing Begins



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All 2019 JAMB candidates are hereby informed that the printing of JAMB Original Result can be done through their individual profiles.

JAMB 2019 Original Result


The Original JAMB result slip is an official document you will likely need to during your admission screening exercise and other admission matters.

The Original result Slip bears the candidates’ the Passport photograph, bio-data, choice of institutions and courses as well as the details of your results.

The Original result slip is usually required during Post-UTME screening registration or Physical screening exercise. So candidates are advised to ensure they get it before the screening exercise of their school of choices commences.

You are equally advsed to get the Post-UTME Past questions And Answers of your school of choice for adequate preparation towards the screening exercise. You can click here to get yours.

The process of printing your JAMB original Result Slip is very easy. This means you can actually do it yourself.


How To Print Your 2019 JAMB Original Result Slip

1. Login to your Jamb Account at Jamb.org.ng/efacility

Note:- Do not login with another persons account unless you are printing for that person.

2. Under the list of services, Click on the “Print Result Slip

3. On the next page that appears, click “Continue with payment” to make payment via Remita or other options available

4. If the payment is successful, your JAMB Original result slip will be displayed and you can proceed to print it immediately. It will equally be sent to your email address in case you prefer to print it later.

However, if you have issues doing it yourself, we advise you proceed to the closest Accredited center to do so.


1. The cost for the printing of the JAMB Original Result Slip is One Thousand Naira (N 1000).

2. The JAMB Original Result Slip must bear you passport photograph on it.


Source:- Myschool.ng

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Why a man will you just after winning your heart



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You have met a great guy. He has been a romantic and for the weeks you have been going out. You see a chance in the relationship but as soon as you completely let him in your life, he pulls a disappearing act.

Girlfriends, this is the thing; stop thinking he will call again, stop hoping you will get another date, stop imagining he is just busy. He is gone and here is why he is not around:


Do you believe? Travel with your partner can surely boost your relationship



1. He has won the conquest He won your heart over and he does not see the need to get in touch. No kidding, there are such kind of men out there. He is contented knowing that he has a girl somewhere and he does not see the need to keep the sparks glowing. His job is done. He will call someday. You just wont be able to predict his calling patterns.

2. Not calling is a test

He has proven himself to you, took you to every place that has been in your bucket list since forever, fulfilled every wish you uttered and professed the three words to you so passionately. While he has been a good sport, you have not done so much yourself and he needs to know if he means something to you, if his chivalry deeds has had any impact on you. So he wont get in touch. And he wont until you drop the selfish acts and do something for him too.

3. He has nothing to say

Women can talk for hours on phone, interestingly, men are wired differently. Men can call and let their women do the talking, so if the woman is a type that talks less, then he sees no point of calling until there is so much to catch up on and that can take weeks. When you think that he is gone forever he might just surprise you with a call.

4. He had you so easily

At first he was fascinated by you. He made the first move. You were too impatient to let him continue with the chase. You did all the work for him and didnt read his clues that he likes to be the hunter and not the prey. Maybe you went home with him on the first night? Dont stay too close to your phone, he wont call.

5. He wants time off away from you

You have been invading his space since the two of you became an item. You have been all over his social pages, tagging him to every post, demands to spend every second of his free time and you expect a phone call from him? He fears that you would ask how he is, where he is then suddenly you show up there. If you stop the clingy behaviors he will call.

6. He is a jerk

You are a good girlfriend but he just does not call. He is used to being pampered, a girl has to prove herself to him that she deserves him. There are signs to watch out for to know he is the kind of a man. Is he talking all about him? Is he giving you a long how to make him stay guide? He does not call, dont wait up on him.

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Do you believe? Travel with your partner can surely boost your relationship



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Travel with your partner can surely boost your relationship here are the five steps

Travel with your partner can surely boost your relationship

There would be a time you and your partner realizes that you both need something cool and new in your relationship.

You long to experience new emotions and feelings, which may boost up your love. When you and your partner travel together, it enhances superb closeness and normally has a better and increased romance.

Furthermore, you have the greatest opportunity to discuss many things, have super fun and share even more new secrets with your darling. It all depends on you and your aspiration to have a nice moment with your significant other. If you have already planned to travel, then you should agree your plans with your partner, this is not a secret or surprise.

So many couples agree that traveling together refreshes the relationship. When you’re relaxed together, you have chances to insight new pleasures. So any partner detecting intimacy is missing from their relationship should find time to travel together with the partner. Check out 5 ways traveling with your partner can boost your relationship.

  1. EnhancesRomance

Traveling brings surprising and wonderful evenings full of desire and romance. You have the chance to focus on each other and enjoy the moments spent with each other far from your home in a new environment. There are many pictorial and romantic places all around. Just burst out of your constant daily routine and try out something new. I am pretty sure that traveling would never let your love flame die, no matter how little the flame at the present moment is.

2. Fresh Experiences

Traveling together inspires you to move out of your comfort zone. It helps you share memorable moments with the person you cherish. This as a very interesting and loving activity fills your hearts with new experiences and widens your mental perceptions. However, you may experience the gift of seeing various worlds’ extraordinary creations. This gets you new skills because you try to do something you’ve never done before.

3.Making memories

For every moment of time, you spent with your lover, you create a basis for your relationship. Your memories become parts of your achievements. Life is too short they say, Why not create as many nice memories as you can so when you become old, you would be able to recollect warm and precious memories of your youth days while sitting on the couch together with your lover.

4. Lots of fun

While at your traveling destination, it is a perfect and nice chance to relax and fully enjoy each other’s company. When traveling, you have the right and privilege to postpone everything that can affect your relationship.

Then you are open to creating nice adventures. I bet you would always remember these wonderful moments, and would surely bring a huge smile on your face each time you remember. The world is already full of nice places which help us experience lots of fun and present us a big section of joy and enough happiness.

Fun times displace your negative outlook by positive ones and by this you strengthen your relationship. And again, creating nice memories together will teach you to develop the skills on how to live an interesting lifestyle and strengthen your relationship bonds.


Every one of us builds our own world around ourselves. This world includes home, work, enormous contacts, daily schedules, and troubles. But when you travel, you move away from these troubles and enjoy the beautification of this world around. You are totally independent and free to act the way you like and do things you love and respect. It’s even better to do it together with that person you truly love. No one is going to judge or criticize you of your new way of life.
Traveling with your partner is the best way to restore your private life and fix it with new romantic exciting and unusual experience. Do you know any other benefits of traveling with your partner? Besides, do you believe traveling together with your partner can boost your relationship?

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