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How Policemen Inserted Hot Iron Into My Private Part, Damaged My Ear Drum – Man Tells Lagos Panel

How Policemen Inserted Hot Iron Into My Private Part, Damaged My Ear Drum – Man Tells Lagos Panel | Fulloaded.Com

How Policemen Inserted Hot Iron Into My Private Part, Damaged My Ear Drum – Man Tells Lagos Panel


Omeli Humphery Darlington, a Nigerian man, has blamed the police for intense torment.

The man presented a request to the Lagos State Judicial Panel of Inquiry against the Nigeria Police Force on how he was mistreated and attacked in 2013.

Darlington disclosed to the board how he was wrongly charged by his organization, First Bank of Nigeria, captured and tormented for quite a long time.

He expressed that his ear drum had been harmed because of the torment by the cops.

He stated:


“This claim was a wrongdoing I fool probably as all confirmations plainly focuses to those included. Be that as it may, First Bank Of Nigeria Plc needed to incite the Nigeria Police Force to expose me to (11days) unlawful confinement with torment, with no type of reasonable hearing till date.

“From the outset, (25/09/2013), I was taken to the Lion Building Police Station where I was confined for three days.

“I was released on the third day 27/09/2013, however on my way home, a portion of the First Bank Head Office Security Operatives ( 1. a MOPOL, 2. a government operative police, 3. Mr. Okon, 4. Mr. Abidemi) grabbed me, blindfolded me, and beat me up with various articles close enough. The Mobile Police man with them continued hitting my head with the handle of his weapon till blood began spouting out from the two sides of my ears.

“They attempted to slaughter me with the goal that it would appear as though I got lost on my way home yet God interceded by utilizing different residents to protect me (witnesses).

“The individuals who protected me demanded that I should be taken to a close by police headquarters which turned out to be the Ikoyi Police Station on the Lagos Island.

“Everybody joined to Ikoyi station where the majority gave me over to the police with the expectation that I was protected however when we got inside, these arrangement of First Bank agents taught the police to torment me to admit to a wrongdoing I ignoramus about.

“The Ikoyi cops (INSP. Adeleye Bashiru and his young men) continued to torment me that evening dependent on the report made by First Bank Security agents that I was a fraudster and a criminal who cheated the bank of N355m.

“The officials tormented me by utilizing iron poles to beat me on my joints saying I should take them to where I kept the cash.

“Iron was embedded into my private part until I could at this point don’t bear the agonies and blacked out.”

He expressed that the torment proceeded in the cell for seven days before the police at last charged him to court on fraudulent allegations.

He said he was summoned before Mrs A.T Omoyele of Tinubu Senior Magistrate Court (II), Lagos, on charges of taking, connivance and falsification without introducing a proof under the watchful eye of the court.

“I was unable to consummate my bail and must be remanded at the Ikoyi Prison all through the period till I wrap up arranging my properties just to meet my bail conditions.

“My ear drum was harmed along the line from pounding by the police (specialist’s report joined) and I continued going to court till (24/02/2014) when the body of evidence against me was at last struck out for absence of determined arraignment.

“It will revenue you to realize that I won a N500,000 judgment against the police in the rnforcement of my major common freedoms suit I filled against the police and First Bank after my delivery. Sadly, the police with regards to their situation to manage me has conspicuously wouldn’t pay the judgment obligation till date,” he added.

Darlington asked the legal board to arrange the police to pay the aggregate granted to him and other remuneration to empower him have legitimate clinical treatment as his medical issue had declined.

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