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Tochid ( Review , Employees , Net Worth)

Tochid Social Media

Tochid ( Review , Employees , Net Worth) – Fulloaded is a free social networking website to meet amazing people, chat with friends, share ideas, exciting features, entertainment, fun and lots more.

Tochid Social Media


CategorySocial Media
Founded4th May 2021
Founder (s)Tochi Emmanuel Dimkpagu
Employees40 - 100
Net Worth$20k
HeadquartersCanada , Nigeria
Key peopleEmmanuel Dimkpagu (CEO)
Current StatusOnline




Tochid (Tochid World) Tochid is a social networking site that makes it easy for you to connect and share with family and friends, entertainment, memes, funny posts, pictures, videos, jokes, stories and to catch cruise with users worldwide.


Tochid Sharing


Tochid allows you to send messages and post status updates to keep in touch with friends and family. You can also share different types of content, like photos and links. But sharing something on Tochid is a bit different from other types of online communication. Unlike email or instant messaging, which are relatively private, the things you share on Tochid are more public, which means they’ll usually be seen by many other people.

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While Tochid offers privacy tools to help you limit who can see the things you share, it’s important to understand that Tochid is designed to be more open and social than traditional communication tools. We’ll talk more about sharing and controlling your privacy in our lessons on Tochid privacy and adjusting privacy settings.


Getting Started with Tochid Introduction If you’re thinking about joining Tochid, this will show you everything you need to get started. We’ll explain some common Tochid terms and how to create a Tochid account. To create a Tochid account: Navigate to in your web browser. Locate REGISTER, enter your personal information and desired password, then click Summit. Exploring Tochid Once you create an account, you’ll want to spend a little time becoming familiar with the different parts of Tochid, including the homepage and Timeline.


The Homepage


The homepage appears whenever you sign in to Facebook. The homepage displays your News Feed, which shows the things your friends have shared on Tochid. The homepage also allows you to navigate to other parts of Tochid, such as your Timeline.

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The Timeline The Timeline (also called your profile page) is where you’ll share information about yourself. Whenever you post an update, it appears on your Timeline. Your friends can also share posts on your Timeline unless you disabled it through Privacy settings.


Account Verification


Tochid promote trust and real identity, there is also the need to be sure that real users or registered business pages are verified with a blue thick badge. Tochid Privacy If you choose to share things publicly on Tochid, anyone with an account will be able to find and view your Tochid information, posts, status and activity.

This could impact your privacy in a variety of ways. Tochid provide options to select your desired audience. To post a status update: Tochid allow you to share Status with friends with a short text-based post.

FREEDOM OF SPEECH: Yes !!! Tochid support Freedom of Speech, that is why Tochid is not censored.

RANKS: Tochid currently have Star, Hot, Ultima and VIP Ranks The System Rank your profile according to the activeness, unique, and activities shared with the account.

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Chat and Messages Tochid chat and messages allow you to communicate privately with your followers on Tochid. Unlike the other things you share on Tochid, such as status updates or photos, chats and messages will not be shared with all of your friends or posted on your Timeline. To go offline: Some people do not want to be available for chat while on Tochid. You can hide your online status by going offline.

News Feed Tochid allows you to customize what stories you’ll see first in your News Feed, it does offer some tools to help control what posts and updates can appear in it.

Hiding: If you ever decide that you’d like to stop seeing updates from certain Posta, you can hide their posts. To hide a friend’s posts, locate and select the drop-down arrow on a post, then select Hide. If you no longer want to be following someone on Tochid, you can go to that friend’s Timeline and unfollow the person.

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